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New York, NY — When Jill Brack and her daughter Stella were diagnosed with celiac disease they began baking gluten free cookies for friends and family. The feedback was unanimous — everybody loved these crave-worthy cookies! Soon local stores began ordering and Glow Gluten Free was born.

Glow Gluten Free bakes four flavors of gluten free and dairy free cookies with natural and organic ingredients in a certified gluten free and kosher bakery. The secret recipe includes nutrient dense garbanzo bean and coconut flour, which makes them both wholesome and delicious.

Nearly 1 in every 100 Americans are affected by celiac disease, an auto immune disorder in which the intestines become damaged by eating gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. As more and more people are diagnosed, the demand for good gluten free goodies is rising. 

“It takes one to bake one,” says Jill, who has been diagnosed with celiac disease for many years. “Eating gluten free doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Fans tell us they crave our cookies whether they are gluten free or not.” And that’s good news for Brack, whose cookies are poised to conquer not only the gluten free aisle but the gourmet cookie counter as well. Just ask fans like Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart!

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