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People are talking about our cookies... and we love what they're saying! Check out our great press below, read why registered dietitians and nutritionists approve or download our EPK.

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Joy Bauer (May 14, 2013)
Food Find! Here's a fun "treat" to know about..."Glow Gluten Free" cookies. Amazing crunch, texture, and flavor. Snickerdoodle was the top choice in Bauer house...closely followed by Chocolate & Chocolate Chip (tie for second). 1 cookie = 110 cals, 5-6g fat (2.5-3g sat fat), 13 carbs, 8-10g sugar, 2g fiber Read the whole story.
Huffington Post Health (May 12, 2013)
Gluten-free cookies may not sound very appetizing, but if you chose the right ones you may be pleasantly surprised. Glow cookies are a great choice, including flavors like Double Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle. Read the whole story.
3rd Annual Gluten-Free Awards (Oct 1, 2012)
Vote for your favorite gluten free products in the 3rd Annual Gluten-Free Awards! 10/1/12 Gluten Free Award voting opens 12/23/12 Gluten Free Awards “Locked-In” 1/2013 3rd Annual Gluten-Free Award Press Releases Read the whole story.
Cocomama Foods (Sep 28, 2012)
GLOW GLUTEN FREE cookies are out of this world and actually made from good-for-you ingredients (like bean flour). Sometimes we fancy ourselves as matchmakers and we have to say...Glow and Three Twins should pair up. Two Double Chocolate Chip cookies with some Sea Salted Caramel, anyone? Cardamom Three twins sandwiched by Glow Ginger? Yeah, we know, we're visionaries. Read the whole story.
Performance Nutrition (Sep 24, 2012)
And of course if you want a sweet gluten-free treat, try Glow gluten free cookies. These baked goods that will make you forget all about your grandma’s freshly baked cookies. Even if you don’t eat gluten free, you will want to try these! Read the whole story.
Eating Bird Food (Sep 23, 2012)
Glow Cookies are a Favorite New Product from Natural Products Expo East 2012. Read the whole story.
BellaLife (Sep 10, 2012)
What’s more fun than decorating cupcakes? Decorating cookies of course! Kids will love making funny fruit faces and you’ll have fun making fancy fruit designs. The best part of the project is taking a big bite of your frosted cookie creation – yum! Read the whole story.
MyGloss (Jun 30, 2012)
This past spring, I threw a baby shower for a dear friend with significant dietary restrictions — it was a dairy-free, gluten-free shower and the menu was amazing: delish finger sandwiches thanks to Rudi’s gluten-free thin sandwich bread and a lovely assortment of typical baby shower fare with a gluten-free twist. The guests would never have guessed! Read the whole story.
Fitness NYC (Jun 20, 2012)
I’ve been seeing these cookies everywhere, I can’t wait to try them. For those who care, they’re gluten free, but more importantly, they have chocolate chips! Read the whole story.
Almanac of Eats (May 15, 2012)
I have a relatively restrictive diet by choice. And while it isn't always an easy lifestyle, it is something I'm passionate about and that I've grown entirely accustomed to. It fits who I am and how I relate to the world. Well, a couple months ago, I was tested for celiac disease... Read the whole story.
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