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People are talking about our cookies... and we love what they're saying! Check out our great press below, read why registered dietitians and nutritionists approve or download our EPK.

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GF Steve's (Nov 26, 2009)
The other day I went to my local health market and bought some snickerdoodle cookies (brand escapes me). My wife and I tried one and we were like, “yeah, these aren’t so bad.” Not exactly a rave review. Yesterday I was privileged (yes, PRIVILEGED) to receive a sample of all the Glow Gluten-Free Cookies in my mailbox. Hallelujah! Read the whole story.
Vital Juice (Nov 23, 2009)
In the baker's aisle, seek out Glow Cookies, tasty treats minus the gluten, preservatives and trans fats. (Our personal pick is the Snickerdoodle--fun to say, better to eat!) $6.95 per box, available at Whole Foods (Union Square, Columbus Circle, and UWS) Read the whole story.
Age of Autism (Oct 20, 2009)
Earlier this month I met the folks at Glow Gluten Free at the NAA NY Autism Asperger's conference and sampled their yummy cookies. They kindly have given us FIVE cookie gift sets to offer to you, our hungry, cookie loving readers. Leave a comment to enter! You'll win a four pack of each flavor. The cookies are really yummy and just in time for Halloween treats! (Please go to the Glow site (above) to make sure the ingredients meet you or your child's dietary needs.) Read the whole story.
A Pinch of This, A Dash of That (Oct 6, 2009)
When browsing the web, sometimes I will stumble upon a company’s website that has a food I am dying to try—this was one of those times! I mean who doesn’t like cookies? And it was even better that all four flavors are all natural, preservative free, gluten free, trans fat free, and casein free. Read the whole story.
Examiner.com (Oct 4, 2009)
I recently had the opportunity to interview small business owner Jill Brack about being diagnosed with Celiac Disease along with her daughter and the business that was born of neccessity. Watch for my review of her gluten free cookies soon. Read the whole story.
Go Met (Oct 1, 2009)
Confession: when we're at our local grocery and see people setting up "Free Sample" tables, we tend to wheel our cart in the opposite direction, hoping to avoid the awkward pushy people/tried it/didn't like it exchange. This time, though, we found ourselves drawn to the Glow Gluten Free display. We liked their cheerfully coloured boxes- small enough to be an easily packable treat, yet still containing enough to be decadent. The cookies looked like they had the right amount of crumble (we like a well-baked baked good), and Team Glow looked like a laid-back, no-pressure bunch. Read the whole story.
Mom Central (Sep 1, 2009)
Given the choice of desert, I reach for chocolate chip cookies first. Just thinking about the taste of sweet, gooey chocolate and a warm, freshly baked cookie is enough to make my mouth water. While indulging my sweet tooth doesn’t take too much, people living with celiac disease often struggle to find safe-to-eat and satisfying baked goods. Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the intestines, prevents sufferers from eating foods containing wheat protein, or gluten. Read the whole story.
Aunt Jaynes Blog (Aug 26, 2009)
I have just tried Glow Gluten Free cookies and they are fabulous!!! Read the whole story.
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