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People are talking about our cookies... and we love what they're saying! Check out our great press below, read why registered dietitians and nutritionists approve or download our EPK.

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Celiac Central (Oct 24, 2011)
Jill has celiac disease and is the founder of Glow Gluten Free Cookies. Stella is her 14-year-old daughter, and she also has celiac! When Jill Brack and her daughter Stella were diagnosed with celiac disease, Jill started a gluten-free cookie company called Glow Gluten Free. She named it Glow because she wanted everyone to know that being gluten-free is cool, fun and healthy! Read the whole story.
BellaLife (Oct 24, 2011)
When friends come over for dinner they always ask for Glow Gluten Free cookies for dessert. Rather than serve a plain-Jane cookie plate, I love to get creative with our cookies. Here’s a favorite cookie dessert for your next dinner party. Read the whole story.
Fit and Healthy Mommy (Oct 24, 2011)
Jill Brack, founder of Glow Gluten Free has extended a generous offer to my Blog, Facebook & Twitter fans. She's offering 4 - yes, I'm serious - FOUR boxes of cookies. One box each to 4 separate winners, which means you have four chances to win! Let's all say...THANK YOU Jill, you ROCK!! Read the whole story.
Health Coach Quinn (Oct 24, 2011)
THIS JUST IN: A couple of hours ago I was at Your Bella Life headquarters and finally met Jill of Glow Gluten Free. You know those people who you hear so much about and in your mind you’re already friends??– Jill is one of those for me. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about her and was thrilled to finally meet her for real. Naturally there was instant affection but above and beyond that– we made some beautiful, sweet Gingersnap Cookie & Pumpkin Butter amazingness together!! Read the whole story.
About.com (Oct 24, 2011)
Today, Glow Gluten Free bakes four flavors of gluten free and dairy free cookies with natural and organic ingredients in a certified gluten free and kosher bakery. The secret recipe for our Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Double Chocolate and Gingersnap cookies includes nutrient dense garbanzo bean and coconut flour, which makes them wholesome and delicious. Read the whole story.
OpenSky (Oct 24, 2011)
These are as tasty as Toll House cookies--and they're gluten-free! Read the whole story.
GF Cookie Girl (Sep 20, 2011)
Thanks to Kim at Age of Autism I was one of the lucky winners of a whole set of Glow Gluten Free cookies! Both Kim and Jill (from Glow GF) were so sweet to communicate with, and the cookies arrived really quickly. I wish I could have been just as timely as posted this review a lot sooner - I’m sorry it took me so long, ladies! Read the whole story.
Adventures of a Glutina (Sep 15, 2011)
Four years ago I let go of something big in my life. It had brought comfort, happiness, satisfaction... or so I thought. Gluten was actually the hidden reason I felt constantly fatigued, and inexplicably ill for many years. Without it, and having now given up wheat products, I've regained much strength, and a few other things, too. Read the whole story.
Eclectic Eating Chicago (Aug 25, 2011)
Allergy Free Back to School Snacks -- I know those three little words "back to school" are kind of a buzz-kill but maybe these allergy free treats will be a comfort for those heading back. I like to keep my own backpack "booby trapped" with goodies I can eat so I'm never without! Read the whole story.
Gluten Freedom Atlanta (Aug 17, 2011)
Save room for dessert because Taste Unlimited offers Glow Gluten-Free cookies, in multiple varieties. I bought glow’s chocolate chip cookies and they were yummy. They don’t skimp on the chocolate chips, which is key for GF baking! I love their packaging…looks similar to a Chinese food take out box. There are enough cookies in a box to share with your group. (If you’re feeling generous!) Their other varieties include snickerdoodle and ginger snap. You know me, I can’t resist chocolate! Read the whole story.
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