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People are talking about our cookies... and we love what they're saying! Check out our great press below, read why registered dietitians and nutritionists approve or download our EPK.

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GLuten Free Father (Jan 18, 2011)
When we first faced the diagnosis of Celiac Disease with my two-year old son last fall, one of the foods we felt so bad about him missing were cookies. As American as baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet, cookies are a part of most of our lives growing up. It’s a sweet snack we all loved with a cold glass of milk. It sort of just goes with the territory of being a kid. Read the whole story.
Embrace G-Free (Jan 18, 2011)
G-free Must Haves! Have you just started on the diet? Are you sick of trying "not so good" products. Here is a list of some of my gluten free staples! You will soon find out that I am not much of a sweets person. In fact, I didn’t miss cakes and cookies when I was diagnosed. But after reading rave reviews of these cookies, I had to try them so that I could find a good snack to cure my "once in a while sweet tooth craving." These cookies do the trick. I became officially in LOVE with Glow Gluten Free the moment I tried them ( my personal fav= chocolate chip)! I even gave my roommate (gluten eater) a cookie to try, because I couldn’t get over the fact that they were gluten free! Each cookie reminds me of my mom's fresh baked cookies. Read the whole story.
Gluten Free Blonde (Jan 18, 2011)
They’re just like grandma used to bake, only much better for you : ) Glow Gluten-Free Cookies, as featured on Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, come in 4 different varieties: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Gingersnap and Snickerdoodle. They’re not only beyond scrumptious, and baked in a certified kosher and gluten-free bakery, but they’re also casein free, trans-fat free, preservative free, and all natural! HUGE hugs to the beautiful founder, Miss Jill Brack. Read the whole story.
BellaLife (Jan 6, 2011)
Glow Gluten Free Presents: Triple-Berry Gingersnap Crumble -- Chances are, if you’re gluten free/dairy free and invited to a dinner party you will be sitting at the dessert table drinking decaf and lusting after profiteroles. Well, lust no more. Next time, offer to bring a fabulous (and super easy) gluten free/dairy free treat and you’ll be the rock star of the dessert table! Read the whole story.
FoodTrainers (Jan 6, 2011)
It was the Friday after the Friday after Thanksgiving. I was at Whole Foods Market stocking up for our first of many trips to Vermont for the season. Aside from produce and meal staples I had to get everyones favorite goodies. I had Bear Naked Fit vanilla granola for Marc, dried strawberries for Myles and smores ingredients for Weston. I always have medjool dates and dark chocolate on hand but noticed a brand of gluten free cookies I hadn’t tried before. I tossed a box of Glow Gluten Free Snickerdoodles into the cart and continued to shop. Read the whole story.
Celiebo (Dec 23, 2010)
Top 10 Gluten-Free Gifts for this Holiday!!! Read the whole story.
Chicago Now (Dec 23, 2010)
Glow Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookies (slides #9 & #21) - Santa may need a serious chocolate fix by the time he gets to your door. Glow Gluten Free makes this possible and all their cookies are all-natural and gluten free. By the time Santa comes down your chimney he may be a little motion sick. Gingersnap cookies are great for soothing sick tummies plus these are gluten free. Read the whole story.
Glutenista (Dec 19, 2010)
The Glutenista elves have been busy, running around Glutenista-land finding fabulous gifts & recipes for everyone in your life. Check out our amazing 44-page guide featuring great gifts, tips & tricks and gluten-free holiday recipes from Silvana Nardone, Amy Green, Jules Dowler Shepard, G-Free Foodie, Glutenista & much much more! We hope you enjoy, be sure to share with friends! Read the whole story.
HappyBellyBags (Dec 16, 2010)
The perfect gluten-free gift, a Glow Cookie Belly Bag! Read the whole story.
Gluten Free Gluttony (Dec 16, 2010)
Last Christmas season I made my first Gingerbread house. I also watched my boyfriend eat a ton of gingerbread. I have to be honest, I don't think I have eaten gingerbread. Does that make me strange? Maybe. Read the whole story.
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