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People are talking about our cookies... and we love what they're saying! Check out our great press below, read why registered dietitians and nutritionists approve or download our EPK.

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MMMunch (Apr 6, 2010)
Standing out in a crowd is wonderful when you’re an adult. You’re the best at your job. You won the big race. You finished your Gossip Girl fan fiction novel. Congratulations, you’re one in a million. But as a child? Standing out isn’t always so awesome. Sometimes, it just makes you feel like an outsider. Read the whole story.
Living Without: The magazine for people with allergies and food sensitivities (Apr 1, 2010)
Soon after Jill Brack and her daughter Stella were both diagnosed with celiac disease, Brack buckled down to make gluten-free cookies that would be indistinguishable from the other kids' treats. She got it just right. Her Glow Gluten-Free cookies are, quite frankly, a glowing success. Read the whole story.
Time Out New York Kids (Apr 1, 2010)
In honor of Easter, we asked candy mavens at our favorite city confectioners—Jacques Torres, Dewey’s, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Vosges Haut-Chocolat and LIC factory Sweet & Sara—to pick out their favorite spring items for DIY baskets that kids can help assemble at home. Read the whole story.
Step It Up with Steph (Video) (Mar 18, 2010)
Happy Thirsty Thursdays! I was blown away when I tried these gluten free cookies from Glow Gluten Free. So I decided to Take It To the Streets to see what random people thought about them! And, I asked people to taste test to compare these gluten free cookies to normal cookies! Read the whole story.
Faith Middleton Show (Mar 17, 2010)
Check out Glow Gluten Free at 33:50. Read the whole story.
Gluten Free Help (Mar 16, 2010)
Mrs. Fields, Tollhouse, Sprinkles--step aside. Jill Brack and her daughter were diagnosed with celiac disease and they felt they were missing out. The mission began: they wanted a good cookie after trying what they were settling for. Read the whole story.
Celiac Chicks (Mar 15, 2010)
The radiant and full of positive energy, Jill Brack (far right) of Glow Gluten-Free and her lovely lady friends. Read the whole story.
Gluten Freeville (Mar 3, 2010)
If I do say so myself, I am a great gluten free cook. I love making meals and desserts that the whole group loves without even alerting anyone to the fact that they are eating gluten free. Read the whole story.
Julie Rant and Raves (Mar 2, 2010)
Some old neighbors of mine, Jill and Reggie, moved to NY and started a gluten free cookie company called GLOW. I tried some samples and they tasted amazing even though they were gluten free. You see, my sister in law, niece and nephew all have celiac disease, so I was very interested in these cookies for them. Read the whole story.
Goodie Goodie Gluten Free (Jan 24, 2010)
So I recently met the baker behind the magic to Glow Gluten-Free!! This fabulous cookie line will make you think twice before saying that all packaged and processed gluten-free products taste like cardboard. If you are a cookie lover looking for a large, crispy, tasty and sugary cookie look no further. Glow inside and out and indulge with Glow. Read the whole story.
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